We are really thrilled to be stocking these reusable produce bags.  We are all getting used to taking our own bags to the supermarket but now we need to take something like these to put the fruit and veg in.

These are great as they are machine washable and being made from polyester they are easy and quick to dry which reduces the chance of mould and bacteria building up and so will keep your produce fresher for longer. The produce inside can be seen through the fine netting and when in a supermarket you can weigh your food in the bag and add a sticky label to the tag


No bleach or colour is used in production so they are fully recyclable if you ever do need to dispose of them


Pack contains 5 bags

2 x 33 x 40cm

2 x 30 x 28cm

1 x 17 x15cm

Pack of 5 Veggio reusable produce bags