We don’t really sell clothes on the Hunter Gatherer website but have completely fallen in love with these Indian cotton pyjamas.  They are the sort of nightwear that you would feel fine wearing and walking downstairs in someone elses house for breakfast.  They are one size - the tops are baggy and comfortable and the bottoms have an elasticated waist so are pretty flexible.  


They are printed in very small runs so this is the selection at the moment but it will continue to change as new designs are brought in.  The perfect Christmas present for yourself or a friend


When ordering send us a message as to which ones you like best and we will do our best to send them and if not will send a photograph of the nearest we have in stock for you to choose.


Best of all is they come in a very useful matching cotton pouch which is generous enough in size to add your toothbrush and a few other overnight bits and pieces

Indian Print Queens of the Night Pyjamas


    2017 Hunter Gatherer Gifts